The normal route for membership of the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine (RCHM) is via graduation from a UK educational institution that has been accredited by the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA). Graduates of colleges affiliated to the RCHM with such accreditation have automatic right of entry. Courses run by Accredited Educational Institutions meet the minimum standards for theory, clinical experience and western sciences that are required for the practice of Chinese Herbal Medicine in the UK.

The RCHM also welcomes applications from practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine who have graduated from institutions other than those accredited by the EHTPA, such as those who have qualified outside the UK (for instance PRC medical school graduates and graduates of Korean and Japanese TCM medical colleges), and where those institutions have been subject to a comparable accreditation process. Applicants who have not graduated from an Accredited Educational Institution will be asked to present evidence of training, qualifications and experience. These applicants attend a stringent personal interview. In addition all candidates who apply by this route will have their training mapped against the EHTPA’s Core Curriculum and their competence will be mapped against the EHTPA’s Standards of Proficiency. This is to determine that the applicant has met the same standards and covered the same material that is reached and taught in Accredited Educational Institutions.

Affiliated Schools offering Chinese Herbal Medicine courses

Northern College of Acupuncture
61 Micklegate
York YO1 6LJ
Tel: 01904 343305
Fax: 01904 330370


White Crane Academy
(subject to accreditation being granted by the EHTPA)
11 Sinnels Field
Chipping Norton
Tel: 07796 765316